Bala Baya


Mon - Fri / 12 - 3pm + 5 - 11pm
Sat - 11 - 4pm + 5 - 11pm
Sun - 11 - 4pm + 5 - 9pm


For group bookings over 20 people, please email us.




Brunch in Southwark - and maybe a drink or two

We are a moreish mix of Middle Eastern culture and cuisine, a homely hub for food, drinks and uncontrollable laughter, we are Bala Baya; your go-to weekend brunch Southwark spot. We bring the arabian-peninsula to the very heart of London. A place to embrace in a life full of enriched culture, flavoursome street food and seasonal spirits – a tang for every taste bud.

It’s time to experience the unequalled Middle Eastern brunch with your friends and family. What’s Bala Baya brunch you ask? We can’t wait to tell you! Imagine the perfect mix of breakfast and lunch in Southwark, then add some tahini, harissa and hummus, and you’ve got yourself the irreplaceable Bala Baya mid-morning treat.

The Bala Baya weekend brunches are made for our workaholics turned food fanatics. For those who plough through a 9-5 in the week, want to party with a jug full of Gazoz on a Saturday then slip-down a tasty Sunday lunch in Southwark. Yeah, that’s right! Bala Baya has the food, drink and vibes for every kind of occasion and emotion. So all you need to remember is yourself when visiting your next Bala Baya brunch in Southwark.

A brunch curated for everyone

As we move into a world of a healthier and  more conscious way of eating, we want to demonstrate our full support by accommodating you! Brunches in Southwark are aplenty, but finding out which suits your dietary needs are fair and few. That’s why our perfectly designed menu offers both gluten free brunch and vegetarian brunch London options.

Our range of Brunch mezzes, mains, desserts and Bala Baya classics is exactly what puts our Middle Eastern eatery on the map and why we’re known as the best vegetarian lunch in London.

People say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and when it’s at Bala Baya, we couldn’t agree more! That’s why our chef, Eran Tibi, assembled one of the most inclusive menus that prolongs our essential meal, into an indulgent, long & love lasting gluten free vegan brunch found in London.

Bala Baya’s Brunch bits – what to expect

One way which makes us differ from the rest is how exclusively inclusive we are! You’ve heard all about how we offer bites for every mouth, but did you know our Southwark brunches are an 11am-4pm weekend special. Without trying to sound snobby, at Bala Baya we offer the best of the best, for our very best! We see each guest as family, so expect gestures beyond smiles: friendly hugs, jugs of drinks and asking how your week has been!

Don’t worry if you enter Bala Baya with eyes bigger than your belly, we offer a brunch feast to keep you grounded, featuring array of mezze dishes which is followed by a spectacular selection of mains and desserts, because like we said, we’re family!

However, if you find yourself a more pick and try person, our mezze dishes are made for you. Think of Bala Baya’s mezzes as your friendly favourite petite dishes, served with housemade pitas, desired by all food lovers and Southwark brunchers with smaller appetites.

Raise a toast to the Middle East

Forget what you might assume about Arabic culture, because we love to drink! From sweet gazoz to spicy sumac cocktails, we have drinks to die for. And you may have heard, our bartenders and waiters aren’t shy when it comes to sharing, which is why our Southwark brunch menu features a jug of gazoz! Try any of our signature gazoz, boozy or virgin, share with your mates or help yourself, why not test how much gazoz you handle!

Weekend brunching has never been so wild & free! So whether you’re craving for a ‘let your hair down’ Saturday-style sit down, or hungry for a vegetarian Sunday lunch in London, our brunch menu is limitless and so is Bala Baya 😉