Bala Baya


Mon - Fri / 12 - 3pm + 5 - 11pm
Sat - 11 - 4pm + 5 - 11pm
Sun - 11 - 4pm + 5 - 9pm


For group bookings over 20 people, please email us.


Summer Cocktails


Probably the sexiest cocktail bar in Southwark


Wrap your lips around a cheeky tipple and revel in an atmosphere that is as vibrant and upbeat as it is warm and welcoming.

Nestled down a side street within the Old Union Yard Arches, Bala Baya stands out from the crowd. If you’re after restaurants with cocktails in central London then prepare to be thrilled and delighted.

We are much more than just your typical Southwark cocktail bar as we effortlessly blend our outrageous Eastern Mediterranean inspired restaurant.

Thirsting for something new?

With its abundance of trendy restaurants and classy wine bars in central London we wanted to offer something fresh and tantalising. Whether you’re a seasoned oenophile (that’s a fancy word for wine connoisseur) or just out for cocktails and a good time, we have something exceptional for everyone.

As well as our selection of fabulous Middle Eastern inspired cocktails, you can choose a wine as spicy, complex and juicy as your wildest fantasies. You’ll find our red wine has delicious bold notes such as wild dark berries, plums, cherries, apricots, peaches and strawberries, vanilla, cedar and cigar. Try our stunning Razi’el, a Syrah-Carignan from Jerusalem that has a James Suckling score of 97% (according to James’ scoring system, a wine rated 90 points or more is considered to be outstanding (A) and a wine rated 95 points or more is a must buy (A+) wine).

We also have a choice of fine white wines that are crisp and dry with mouthwatering hints ranging from green apple, pear, melon and oak. If you’re in the mood for celebrating, then of course we have a range of sparkling wines, including classic French Champagne and bright, refreshing organic Prosecco from Venezia, Italy.

A taste of the Middle East in the middle of London

Relax in our Southwark outdoor bar area and take in the sights and sounds of central London. In addition to the best options of red wine you can enjoy bespoke cocktails that will make you drool with delight. Why not sample our Long-Pink-Amazing, a tongue-teasing concoction of malibu, pineapple & cherry gazoz, coconut cream and lime zest. Or get your lips around a Bala Baya Bramble, an exquisite mixture of Arak, Aperol, dill & blackberry gazoz and lime.

If you’ve never tried gazoz before, then prepare your taste buds for this wonderfully fresh and colourful Middle Eastern classic. Once only to be found on street stalls, this handcrafted sparkling cocktail is lovingly made with fresh syrup from grapefruit, fennel, or quince (here at Bala Baya we make our own small batch syrups), as well as fresh fruit, spices, herbs and flowers. This unique beverage is available as a mouth-watering non-alcoholic cocktail, or as our ‘naughty gazoz’ made with Prosecco, vodka, gin, or Arak. Destined to be the next big drink trend, gazoz will awaken your senses to new sensations and have you yearning for more.

If beer is more to your taste, then sit back, relax and sip on a refreshing Goldstar Unfiltered (4.9%), Maccabee (5%), or our low-alcohol Lucky Saint 0.5% – after a night at Bala Baya you’ll be loving life and wondering where else the evening will take you.

Drinks at Bala Baya, an experience you will never forget

If you’re looking for cocktails in Southwark you’ll find us to be one of the most exciting cocktail restaurants in central London with amazing food influenced by Chef Eran Tibi’s mother’s Middle Eastern home cooking, and drinks inspired by sun-kissed experience of the Middle East.

A perfect juxtaposition of unspeakably cool and sexy, and casual and inviting, this is one cocktail bar in Southwark that you’ll want to visit again and again. We can’t wait to meet you.