Bala Baya


Mon - Fri / 12 - 3pm + 5 - 11pm
Sat - 11 - 4pm + 5 - 11pm
Sun - 11 - 4pm + 5 - 9pm


For group bookings over 20 people, please email us.

Southwark’s Mini Middle East

To our friends from around the world, whether you’re a familiar face or new to the Bala Baya scene, we’re here to share our channel of flavours: the unanimously raved
Middle Eastern food of London. Whether you’re searching for seafood in Southwark, a halal friendly restaurant or simply craving for pro pre-theatre dining in London, Bala Baya’s doors are open to all appetites. So whoever you are, wherever you’ve come from, we’ve got the perfect dish designed for your very taste buds under London’s welcoming arches, making a home for all food lovers in London

The quirky dining experience in London that outshines others

We’ve made Bala Baya a space where stories are exchanged as freely as the arabic arak flows, since middle eastern restaurants in London are more than about bringing the best food to the table, Bala Baya has created an authentic mediterranean escapade, where waiters are found gyrating on tables and your tastiest of  food dreams becomes the rhythm of life.

It’s your time to experience a dopamine hit from all senses at once, envision it now: a cold crisp bottle of maccabee in one hand, the infectious laughs from your family and friends ring through your ears whilst you gawp at our frisky waiters, whilst tucking into your food such as the sweet braided babka freshly baked in London, yet what really intertwines the senses is the rich smells of the Middle East – rosemary fragrances, orange zests and the musty za’atar spice. Prepare for the best of Middle Eastern street food in London, you’ll be the first one in and the last one to leave in Southwarks’ favourite edgy place to eat.

Bringing Middle Eastern nostalgia to life

Our food hub consists of a cultural blend of sauces, spices and aromas, we embrace the life of our mastermind behind Bala Baya: Eran Tibi. Ever since childhood, Eran was caressed into culture by his Syrian mother and Tunisian father. It’s no surprise that Bala Baya’s menu has been inspired by Eran Tibi’s ethnic and societal fusions in life.

London’s best hub of food culture will take on you a trip down a middle eastern memory lane – try our flamed aubergine or chalk stream trout to truly gain the taste of the Middle East. Create your own Mediterranean memories at our Southwark tapas restaurant by sharing dishes, babkas and laughter with family and friends. Finishing off with a glass of Gazoz in one hand, toasting to good times.

London’s favourite middle eastern food that’ll turn you into a true epicure

Bala Baya represents the artistic fusion of Eran’s heritage and the history of food. You’ll find multiple of our dishes originate from Yemen or Tunis, such as shakshuka, which essentially translates to ‘all mixed up’, a North African and Middle Eastern dish desired no matter the time of the day. Or take a bite into our bougie trout, an middle eastern street food fave that makes us a well-known fish restaurant in Southwark.

Our food has been reinterpreted all across the world, so although the home of our tapas restaurant is in Central London, you’ll be sure to find that Bala Baya offers authentic food in London unparalleled to any other. We suggest no matter your main course preference, you indulge in our sharing side plates, because a middle eastern restaurant wouldn’t be the same without heavenly hummus, pita and rich olives.

A herbivore paradise: get to know our divine plant-based dishes

You may be under the impression that due to our rich range of meats and fish, that our food in London can’t be vegan friendly, but this is where you’re mistaken. our cuisine is healthy, simple yet delicious. From baba gounash, falafel and humus, to our delectable desserts of babka and malabi – Bala Baya’s vegan street food is innovative, flavours and nutritious.

So no matter your dietary preference or requirements, this London hotspot will be worth your while – our halal restaurant in London is electric & eccentric providing unbeatable vibes in the UK’s treasured entertainment district of Southwark.